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Hello! We’re glad you found us! We would love nothing more than to meet you, but first, here’s a little bit about us:


It is our passion to use photography to prove that life is beautiful – and we love what we do! We met in 2007, when photography was something we did individually. David was already working as an independent photographer after graduating from design school outside of Philly. Anna was studying Sociology outside of Boston and using her camera to document her travels. When we started dating, our cameras were with us for every new adventure – when we were engaged our cameras became a joint business venture – and when we were married in 2012, our cameras became an intentional way to help others see the beauty of love, design, and our world.

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Your Wedding Investment

We believe a comfortable, no-worry experience and distinctive imagery is a unique investment.

  • Collection A

  • $5,200Starting at
    • Thumbdrive
    • Wedding Album
    • Online Gallery
    • Canvas Wrap

  • Inquire
  • Collection B

  • $4,700Starting at
    • Thumbdrive
    • Wedding Album
    • Online Gallery

  • Inquire
  • Collection C

  • $4,100Starting at
    • Thumbdrive
    • Online Gallery

  • Inquire
  • Collection D

  • $3,800Starting at
    • Online Gallery

  • Inquire

Our Passion

We are flexible because we understand how unknown variables can slip in and cause a ruckus.



We tailor our collections to fit your personality and needs. If you have any questions on event investment, please connect with us.

  • Team Culton
    • 2 shooters with every wedding collection at no extra cost
    • Effective and efficient group photo coordination
    • Dynamic photoshoots using creative and logistical leverage

  • Event Flow
    • Event timeline consultation at no extra cost
    • Helping you develop a smart schedule while reserving margin for creativity

  • Quality Imagery
    • Imagery that captures the spirit and heartbeat of your event
    • Every photograph you receive is frame worthy
    • Professional album design and prints

  • Dedicated Dialogue
    • Available to you before, during, and after your event
    • It’s not just business, it’s personal